In the spirit of Infinite Regression, I saw one this weekend. A stairway landing with a giant mirror on each side, facing each other. Look in one and see yourself reflected infinitely deep as your image bounces off the other. I was transfixed. And barefoot. And a long way from home.

The stairway is in the Palace of Mysore, in India. I am here on a business trip. My hosts took me siteseeing. Here are some pictures: mysore

Here are a couple of other observations that I shared on facebook.

Imagine this scene: a river of traffic at rush hour in Banagalore, every kind of imaginable vehicle swimming in and out. From the left, two open trucks squeeze in ahead of us, each filled with very rusty propane tanks. Behind us is a small procession of men with a shrine – drumming, singing and lighting very large firecrackers. I was wishing I could remember the words to any prayer from my youth.

Today’s scene as I left the hotel, on a quiet side street. My driver waiting with a new white car. The hotel dog – medium, black and white, skinny, handsome – looking up the street. A woman in a sari, squatting to draw a mandala in chalk on the pavement in front of her shop. A man on a bicycle with 200 coconuts. A woman in sweats jogging with iPod. A large cow strolling down the center lane. Me, without my camera.

Infinite India

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