This is all the video I have from my encounter with a troupe of monkeys in the coffee plantation in Chikmangalur. As they appeared high in the trees above us, my camera battery died. I squeezed a little bit of video out and gave up. Just then our driver appeared, bumping down the mud road. I was able to retrieve another battery and catch a few more frames before the troupe moved on.

The video only shows a few individuals. There were about 30 in all including some babies. They are attracted to the jackfruit, though these trees they are swinging through are above the fruit. We startled them away from the fruits at first. The hooting you hear is from the monkeys mostly, though my hosts did a little bit of hooting to stir the monkeys up.

My best guess is that these are Bonnet Macaques, common to this area. Here is an excellent closeup of a mother and baby made by Satya PicMaker: I got nowhere near this close to the fellows, but it was still fun to watch them jumping through the trees.

Windows: Monkie Movie

Mac: Monkie Movie

Not so good Monkey Movie

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